Iran: 'Mossad assassin' reveals training methods
Ynet News / Dudi Cohen
10-Jan-2011 (one comment)

A man suspected of spying for Israel and assassinating an Iranian nuclear scientist was exposed on Iranian television Monday.

The suspect, Majid Jamali Fesh (28), said he had visited Tel Aviv and met with senior Israeli security officials. He also said he was trained in explosives.

The man, who Iran claims is a Mossad agent, did not say in the television interview when he visited Tel Aviv. "I was taught how to follow people, avoid being followed myself, and how to plant bombs on the bottom of under cars," he said.

The suspect, who was referred to as a "terrorist" by Iranian TV, said, "We traveled from Tel Aviv along the fast highway to Jerusalem, and a half-hour later we reached the headquarters."

The suspect described the facility as being surrounded by a 3-4 kilometer (1.9-2.5 mile) wall with numerous cameras installed on it. He did not specifically mention Mossad during the interview.

The suspect also said that during his stay at the facility outside Tel Aviv he was given the home address of Iranian nuclear scie... >>>

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Video: "Israel Agent" provides "confessions" on TV

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