سرنوشت خاندان پهلوی از نگاه عباس میلانی
bbc Persian / Abbas Milani
08-Jan-2011 (7 comments)

"سرنوشت خاندان پهلوی سرنوشت تراژیکی است. شبیه آن را فقط در نمایش های کلاسیک تراژیک می توان دید انگار چیزی در سرنوشت این خانواده هست که یکی بعد از دیگری این مصائب را همراه می آورد."

عباس میلانی، محقق، مورخ و نویسنده ایرانی کتاب "شاه" که ۱۰ سال از عمرش را صرف جمع آوری اسناد و مدارک و گفت و گو با نزدیکان و اطرافیان شاه و خاندان پهلوی کرده این جمله را ساعاتی پس از خودکشی علیرضا پهلوی، فرزند دیگر آخرین شاه ایران، به بی بی سی فارسی می گوید.

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I admire Dr Milani

by Fatollah on

but, frankly, I don't approve of nor agree with all the analysis put forward right after this sad and tragic event, people should leave the subject alone!


Oktaby jan: Thanks for the

by vildemose on

Oktaby jan: Thanks for the informative stats. I think our entire nation inside and outside suffers from chronic PTSD with suicidal ideation; hence,' the culture of Entehari and prevailing nihilism (fatalistic attidue)', basiji, sangsar, perversepublic hangnings, warmongering with the West, sunnis, non-muslims, terrorism in general,etc.




by oktaby on

Astute observation,

I do not know anyone who came out of this unscathed. Based on conversations with people I know and various stats depression rate in Iran sky rocketed as devolution progressed and is now at a crescendo. Various drugs, most commonly Paxil/Prozac/Zoloft, have highest percentage use in the world among Iranians in Iran (officially prescribed and black market). Depression is a serious problem without the additional trauma and stress of living in the rapist republic. The ignorance of this illness compounds it. Anyone who converses with people in Iran knows stress & depression are massive problems. Never mind drugs, alcohol and every other excess that is partly driven by these illnesses. Politicization of Alireza Pahlavi's death and half baked analyses from every corner is just plain sad and a disgrace.

Is it even possible to live in a republic run by its sickest and most twisted members, observe all the misery and pain around one, and maintain normalcy? 



I never liked Milani.....

by Souri on

He is a very biased, so called historian. I always read his articles with a dose of uncertainty and doubt. Not a trustworthy historian. 

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!

Darius Kadivar

Shifteh Ansari Jaan I agree entirely with your assessment

by Darius Kadivar on

Unfortunately even Abbas Milani seems to be carried away by his prejudice of all things Royal.

My Trouble with those fellow compatriots including eminent scholars like Milani ( whom I won't compare to a mediocre nobody like Moshiri) is that they have a reading of history which is manichean.

For these people It's all about Good Vs Bad.

They have turned Republicanism ( something which I do not reject as a political system even if I favor a Constitutional Monarchy in my country like one which exists in Spain or Britain) into a Dogma.

They are Ideologically Biased.

Moshiri in many ways reminds me of our own Iranian version of a dogmatic George Galloway:

GALLOWAY's REPUBLIC: George Galloway on the Decline of the British Monarchy 


It's as if they have no knowledge of the diversity of historical evolutions in Human History and that Democracy and Human Rights have been achieved equally in a Secular Republic like France as it has in a Secular Constitutional Monarchy like Spain or Great Britain:

ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican


HISTORY FORUM: Franco's Ghost- Spain's Painful Road Towards National Reconciliation 



History is Not Rocket Science and No one can claim to see the Future.

Maybe Dr. Milani and Mr. Moshiri would be advised to take their head out of the Sand and Look at the Big Picture.

Unfortunately we Iranians have one big flaw and that is stubborness !

I hope Iran's Young Generation will prove much more Openminded for the future. For these over simplistic conclusions suggested by our fellow Jomhurykhah Dinosaurs are truly becoming a disappointment. 

And this Tragedy has become another pretext for these fellows to Bash the Pahlavis once again to disproportionate levels.

Truly Pathetic. I expected more objectivity and tact on behalf of Milani particularly on such a sensitive time for a family in grief regardless of their Royal heritage.

Take Care Shifteh Jaan and know that I always follow your links and observations with great interest.




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Last, but not least, I'm

by vildemose on

Last, but not least, I'm disappointed at many Iranians who continue their ignorance and ignorant talk about mental illness.  They know little or nothing about the subject, and they refuse to acknwoledge this and to learn.

Shifteh jan: Couldn't agree more. Who among us has come out unscathed from the traumatic ravages of  1979 bloody revolution and  forced immigration, etc?

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

Dear Darius:

I am so disappointed with Dr. Milani, whom I have known to speak and write impeccably about his subjects of research.  For him to utter some khaleh zanak statement like the one you have picked for your Excerpt (just like the original BBC Persian news item has), is plain ridiculous.  What kind of unscientific and unfounded talk is this for a scholar? 

On a human level, too, this kind of talk is uncalled for, as the family has very young members who do not need this kind of old-maid's gossip garbage to follow them into their lives which has the potential to be great lives.

I'm disappointed in Milani, and I was appalled by the silly babble another "scholar," Dr. Moshiri gave on the story of Alireza's passing.  Unbelievably irresponsible behavior, when Moshiri knows nothing about what kind of dynamics may have been in operation in that family.

Last, but not least, I'm disappointed at many Iranians who continue their ignorance and ignorant talk about mental illness.  They know little or nothing about the subject, and they refuse to acknwoledge this and to learn.

It has been a sad and disappointing week all around.