For someone raised by a devout Shiite mother and a committed socialist father, monarchy has never been my cup of tea.
cnn / Hamid Dabashi
06-Jan-2011 (one comment)

I believe that monarchy has no future in Iran and has long since lost its institutional validity. Even in European democracies such as Sweden or the United Kingdom, monarchy seems like a strange antiquarianism, a certain harmless and perhaps even occasionally amusing carnival, with colorful pomp and ceremony, that is certainly good for the business of tourism, but ultimately is best staged and packaged in the Disney World version of it here in the United States.

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Oh gosh

by Shemirani on

So ridiculous !!! quel guignol !! his brain is full of prejugés, lies and hates and taboos and he is not even realising it !!

Who is this guy to give US democracy lessons ??? we don't need your pseudo-analyse for dummies mister !!

poor US that someone like him speaks on our behalf on medias ! 


"Heureusement que le ridicule ne tue pas il serait mort il y a belle lurette"