More than 3 decades ago, the West sought desperately to prevent the Shah from getting his hands on the bomb / Abbas Milani
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More than three decades ago, before there was an Islamic Republic, the West sought desperately to prevent Iran's ruler from getting his hands on the bomb. New revelations show just how serious the crisis was -- and why America's denuclearization drive isn't working.

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During Shah time, regardless of what Shah wanted, the US paid officials were so deep inside the government that any decision or move without US approval would be next to impossible. Shah had noticed that and perhaps it helped his removal from leadership position.


Shah planed to build, w/ U.S. help, up to 23 nuc. plants by 2000

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In March 1974, the Shah envisioned a time when the world's oil supply would run out, and declared, "Petroleum is a noble material, much too valuable to burn ... We envision producing, as soon as possible, 23000 megawatts of electricity using nuclear plants." (,

Iran had deep pockets and close ties to the West. U.S. and European companies scrambled to do business in Iran (Farhang Jahanpour (November 6, 2006). "Chronology of Iran's Nuclear Program (1957–present)". Oxford Research Group)

Henry Kissinger, the Secretary od State at the time, recalled in 2005, "I don't think the issue of proliferation came up (Dafna Linzer (March 27, 2005). "Past Arguments Don't Square With Current Iran Policy". Washington Post).

PS, the Iranian nuclear technology group started after the 1953 coup. I was very easy to find plenty of references for the history of the pre-1979 Iranian nuclear technology.  The author could have done a better job researching the subject.

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