“The Authorities Did Not Inform Us Of My Father’s Execution,” Says Ali Saremi’s Daughter
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
28-Dec-2010 (4 comments)

Zeinab Saremi, daughter of Ali Saremi, who was executed in Tehran’s Evin Prison on Tuesday morning on the charge of moharebeh, enmity with God, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that Iranian authorities had not informed the family of her father’s impending execution, and that the family had been alerted about the possibility of the execution through Saremi’s cellmates at Rajaee Shahr Prison, whereupon the family had rushed to Evin Prison. According to Saremi’s daughter, who was still outside Evin Prison Complex at the time of interview, even his attorney was not aware of his time of execution.

She also told the Campaign that security forces arrested her mother and sister and several of their friends who had accompanied the family to the prison complex. Zeinab Saremi was also told to either get in the police vans or to leave the vicinity of the prison. She told the Campaign that she was waiting to take custody of her father’s body.

“Last night (at dusk), my father’s cellmates at Karaj’s Gohardasht [Rajaee Shahr] Prison called our home and said that Ali Saremi had been ‘abducted’ in a very suspicious way, and that his cellmates were aware of his disappearance. They told us to ‘be really afraid’ for him,” Zeinab Saremi told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

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G. Rahmanian

Death To IR

by G. Rahmanian on

In the last thirty-two years not a single day has passed without sad news from Iran. Do Iranians deserve this? IR murderers must be removed!



by yolanda on

 Protest news regarding IRI's executions keeps landing on CNN and generating international headlines......so IRI decided to hang people without notifying the relatives 1st......IRI is getting more brutal......IRI has started to imprison death row inmates' innocent relatves, like Sakineh's son, Sajjad as well as Latifi's relatives......I hope news media keeps reporting the executions in Iran and keeps exposing their atrocities to the world!


He went to the gallows with his head held high up....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

and his heart full of love for Iran and it's people, I have no doubt.

Mr Saremi's only "crime" was attending a meeting in memory of victims of mass murder of political prisoners by the islamist regime in 1989. Yes, rest in peace my brave brother. You will not be forgotten nor will your murderers will be forgiven. Our turn, the day of reckoning will come.....  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


A criminal regime acting accordingly!

by PArviz on

The Islamic Republic and all its henchmen have a lot to answer for.

If they think people will forget these atrocities, they are "dead" wrong.

Thousands have been murdered by the Islamic Republic for such crimes as carrying a leaflet by unwanted/banned/opposition organizations. Thousands had to pay for the cost of bullets used in the executions in order to receive the body of their loved ones. Inhuman, this regime is simply savage and inhuman 

May Mr. Saremi rest in peace and my condolences to the victim's family.


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!