Reconstruction of the Face of a 5000-year old Woman in iran / Kaveh farrokh
21-Dec-2010 (2 comments)

Reconstruction of 5000 year-old woman found at the “Burnt City”. Her face was reconstructed with the latest technology available to anthropologists, paleontologists and forensic experts. She is believed to have been of the ancient city’s upper crust and served as a priestess during her lifetime. The lady is also notable due to the artificial eye that was discovered, still lodged in the eye socket of her skull after thousands of years.

Maryam Tabeshian of the Cultural Heritage News Agency of Iran (December 10, 2006 had previously noted of researchers having excavated a 4,800-5000 year-old artificial eye along with a skeleton and other findings from the Burnt City (located near the city of Zahedan in Iran’s Seistan-Baluchistan province in the southeast of Iran).

Maryam Hojjat

Reconstruction of the Face of a 5000-year old Woma

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Beautiful as a model

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Almost 6 feet tall!

Note: "When multiple forensic artists produce approximations for the same set of skeletal remains, no two reconstructions are ever the same ."  Wikipedia.