Iran executes 11 Jundullah terrorists
Press TV
20-Dec-2010 (2 comments)

Iran has executed 11 members of the Pakistan-based Jundullah terrorist group in the Iranian southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan Province, a judiciary official says.

"Eleven members of those belonging to Jundullah terrorist group who had played a role in carrying out terrorist attacks in the province (Sistan-Baluchestan) during the recent months, fighting with police, and martyring several innocent people have been hanged in Zahedan jail," IRNA quoted Ebrahim Hamidi, head of the provincial Justice Department, as saying on Monday.

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Anonymous Observer

What a justice system!!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

A bomb goes off, and within less than a week, 11 people are executed.  I'm sure they had a fair and open trial and appeal.  LOL!!!!

No Fear

Great news!

by No Fear on

We need to start infiltrating in to pakistan with our Quds forces.

We need to be more aggressive when dealng with terrorists.

I hope to see more of their bodies hanging from cranes.