US commander Mike Mullen reassures Gulf states on Iran
19-Dec-2010 (6 comments)

he top US military commander has reassured Persian Gulf nations of Washington's support in the face of regional concerns about Iran.

Speaking in Bahrain, Adm Mike Mullen said Tehran was a threat to peace but that the US "takes very seriously our security commitments in the Gulf region", AP news agency reported.

Gulf leaders have expressed fear over Iran's nuclear programme, which the US says is aimed at making a nuclear bomb.

Iran says its intentions are peaceful.

Adm Mullen held talks with the king of Bahrain, which hosts a large US naval base and lies across the gulf from Iran.

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by afshinazad on

we can't wait , Iranian are waiting over 9 years to happen so why  the hell all these delay, hurry up we don't get younger.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

"kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands?"

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

How about 5 to 10 miliion of IRR regime, family members, and supporters...?

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

Are Iranians the only people that wish a foreign army would attack their country and in the process kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands?  What have you become?!?!


It is so great to see the type of regimes US strive to protect

by Bavafa on

Not one is democratic and all are repressive back ward monstrous regmies.  Is this what you wish for Iran? 



Good going Admiral Mullen

by mahmoudg on

Millions of Iranians are awaiting the day whence the mighty US Navy will target the assets of these Islamic Rapist Cultists.  But know full well that your job will not end there.  Even though the good people of iran will rise up and reclaim their country from the filth ruling it, but your job would bo to continue on into Saudi Arabia.  Until America and Israel (behind the scenes) contain the Saudi verison of the Wahabism, the West, the US and Israel will never be safe.  We need to eradicate all forms of Islamic fundementalism which unfortunatley is the only thing Islam has ever been. 


I can't wait

by Parthian on

I can't wait for one carrier group, perhaps the 7th fleet, yes, all it takes is 1/10th of a one US carrier group to completely destroy that aftabeh, emam zaman flying boats that IR and its delusional supporters are so proud of. The only way for a delusional bully to get a grasp of reality is by shear force. 

Let's go Marines, time is ticking, and I am just excited to see that inertia of history is pushing us toward that surgical strike on all IRGC assets, and the government's structures. I will party so hard when that day comes. Let's go.