Israel, Iran Take Top 2 Endangered Species Design Prizes
Green Prophet / Tafline Laylin
02-Dec-2010 (one comment)

Israel and Iran may be arch enemies politically, but a recent design competition demonstrates that their artists are more alike than different. Although we have featured many Israeli designs in the past, such as these outrageous shoes and this lovely ceramic e-cooler designed by the Boaz couple, we have had fewer opportunities to show off the good work coming out of Iran.

But that does not mean that none exists. One of the world’s most foremost night sky photographers is an Iranian whose art both delights and unites its viewers. And yesterday designboom announced that an Iranian student took second place in an international competition designed to draw attention to the plight of endangered species. An Israeli student won with a beautiful design called “Life Tracks.”

Tokyo Designers Week in Japan and designboom’s joint call for entries was open to students from every country. Anna Braverman from Israel won first place out of 2,078 participants from 86 different countries. Called Life Tracks, her entry depicts the footprint of various species of plant and animal and human gradually diminishing to one shoe print. She manages t... >>>

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Both designs are indeed very unique!

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The X-rated Israeli shoe is very funny too! 

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