Victims of Economic Sanctions: The People and the Green Movement
Tehran Bureau / Muhammad Sahimi
26-Nov-2010 (5 comments)

Ever since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected Iran's president in 2005, relations between Iran and the West have steadily deteriorated. While, except for the United States, no other nation imposed any significant economic sanctions on Iran during the administrations of former Presidents Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami, the West has now moved to impose tough economic sanctions on Iran. Although, as I will describe, these sanctions are both immoral -- because they victimize first and foremost the ordinary Iranian people -- and illegal, one must not underestimate or ignore the contribution of Ahmadinejad's behavior and pronouncements, and particularly his aggressive, confrontational, and senseless foreign "policy," to the creation of an atmosphere that allows the United States and its allies to justify the sanctions. In other words, the Western powers will do whatever they believe is in their interest and offer whatever rationalizations are most viable. It is therefore up to the leaders of the targeted nation -- Iran, in this case -- not to provide easy excuses for the advancement of the external agenda.

Consider, for example, Iran's nuclear program, which is the most important reason for the sanctions. Ever since the existence of the Natanz enrichment facility was formally announced by Khatami in February 2003, Iran's fundamental position regarding its nuclear program has not changed: It has consistently rejected abandoning uranium enrichment, but has expr... >>>

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Mammad, another link

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Here is another link related to Sahimi's article:

This one not by someone on the left, but a retired CIA veteran!

I add no comment again.

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Here I leave no comment but a link:

Please fast forward to 9:41 as it is too long. I will also try to leave you a comment in TB (as you know because of my esfahani nature I am very stingy with writing).

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Marhoum jaan

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Can you elaborate? You can leave your elaboration in the original website, not here, and will be responded to.


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Sahimi is not that objective but .....

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Sahimi is not that objective in this article, but at least he is not advocating sanctions.


No nuke for Islamist Rapists

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How about nuke lobbyists say no to nuke for their Islamist Rapist client?