Iran's Worsening Military Status
23-Nov-2010 (2 comments)

Iran's military leaders, both in the regular military and the Revolutionary Guards, cannot be pleased with trends in the regional military balance. They retain formidable retaliatory power both in missiles and militant allies, but the basics of the military balance are tilting further and further away from Tehran and towards a regional alignment that will contain Iranian power for the indefinite future. The United States is particularly tightening the noose.

Start in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan. Much of Iran's rise in the last decade was a function of the American decision to remove Saddam Hussein and Mullah Omar from power. With the departure of the Baathists and the Taliban, Iran was suddenly freed of two deadly enemies. Then chaos ensued in both countries as America mishandled two occupations and opened the door for Iranian interference.

But now both Iraq and Afghanistan are rearming and building formidable militaries. Both countries are still wracked by violence, yet the vacuum the United States created is gradually being filled by new U.S.- trained and -equipped armies. They don't threaten Iran like Saddam and Mullah Omar, but they do reduce its room for maneuver.

Then look across the Persian Gulf. The United States is about to conclude a $60 billion deal to enhance Saudi Arabia's military capabilities.The Saudi National Guard is about to purchase over 150 new attack, utility and transport helicopters. The Royal Saudi Air Force is getting an... >>>

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Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Let's hope at the end of the game these Arabs won't turn their weapons against Israel!


Welcome to the anti Iran Islamic Republic

by Fair on

Thanks to this unpatriotic ideological backward regime, we, who should be the regional superpower to which everyone looks for security, are a weak country with multiple bullseyes on our heads, cornered in a box, unable to realize even a fraction of our potential.  We give up without even a challenge a huge chunk of the Caspian sea, forego huge revenues we could be getting from gas and oil and all kinds of industries, and our people look to the regime controlling the oil for handouts to survive.  We are in as weak as a position today as the time of Ghajar and Torkaman Chai.

I hope all those "educated intellectuals" who asked for an Islamic republic are happy now that the "stooge" is gone, and the "islamic" rule has arrived.  Nice going guys.