Female Athlete To Receive Reward For Gold Medal 'Only If Married'
Spero News / Golnaz Esfandiari
23-Nov-2010 (12 comments)

Iranian athlete Khadijeh Azadpour, who won a gold medal at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, says that officials told her she would only be given the apartment she was promised as a reward for winning a gold medal if she got married.


IRI gives girls hard time!

by yolanda on

I am glad that she is not afraid to speak up! I hope she gets her apartment soon!





آخوند‌‌های گاو... تف به گور  خمینی  ...لعنت بر همتون...


The only way to get the

by Simorgh5555 on

The only way to get the reward is for the removal of the Islamic Republic. The only way women can ever be respected and be treated as equals amongst men is to remove this regime.

Death to the Islamic Republic. 

G. Rahmanian

Her Options:

by G. Rahmanian on

1. Throw away the medal. A gesture of protest used before. 2. Auction the medal at Christie's or Sotheby's. It'll sell for a big buck. 3. Emmigrate either to the land of the Grand Satan or Israel and enter their national squad.

G. Rahmanian

دوستان عزيز

G. Rahmanian

The marriage thing is only a lame excuse: 1. The officials never thought a woman would win a gold, so they hate the idea of fulfilling their promise. 2. As a woman living under the rule of IR she can only get half of a man's reward. A whole apartment is out of the question.


Welcome to the anti Iran Islamic Republic

by Fair on

this is how they treat a history making truly champion Iranian woman, instead of giving her the credit and praise she truly deserves.

This is one of the most backward, uncivilized, and primitive regimes on this planet, and is the biggest anti Iran force in existence today.  Such a regime has no power, and rules only thanks to street thugs paid for by stolen oil money.



by yolanda on

What happens at the time of divorce, the stepping stone hubby asks for 50% of the apartment? :O)

I read in the news that this guy donated his kidney to his wife........at the time of divorce.....he wanted his kidney back!


If IRI is really sincere, they should give her the money which is equivalent to the value of the apartment......

Iran has 16 gold medals so far.......so IRI will give away16 apartments? what happens to the team gold medal? Every v-ball player will get an apt if they win? 



Get married and Then get rid of him...

by Doctor mohandes on

As a Nose-thumbing gesture, she should get married and then divorce the poor bastard sometime later.

Do a marriage of convenience arrangement.

If ya can't beat them, Gotta Join them!!(In a creative way ofcourse)


Pathetic, but good

by azadi5 on

Now this story will draw hatred from the athletic communities towards IRI regime. Stories like this which can get international coverage are good for Iranian people, and bad for their enemy, the Iranian regime. This government is failing on all levels.


It is "illegal" for a single woman to get a hotel room alone.

by Anonymouse on

Yet another gender apartheid policy of the Islamic Republic.  Motherf*****s you don't want to give an apartment, give her a car or the money instead.  Islamic Republic is the bastard of our time. 

Everything is sacred



by yolanda on

I don't exactly understand IRI's worry........this lady is single.......but she can share the apartment with her parents......the parents can protect her.....

She just needs to make more noise about the discrimination!

So later when she gets married.......she can still have her apartment back, right?

I presume IRI has put her apartment in a trust....I may have given IRI too much credit for saying that!

P.S. This lady should kick IRI's butt and teach them a lesson!


Looks like a punishment

by IranFirst on

Looks like a punishment. They should give her the apartment, as promised.

This is Barbaric IRI/Islam's way of telling her that even if you are a sports hero you need a man to protect you. Seeing her hitting and beating opponents, I don't think she needs any protection :-)