AP Exclusive: Troubles stop Iran nuke enrichment
Associated Press
22-Nov-2010 (2 comments)

VIENNA (AP) -- Iran's nuclear program has suffered a recent setback, with major technical problems forcing the temporary shutdown of thousands of centrifuges enriching uranium, diplomats told The Associated Press on Monday.

The diplomats said they had no specifics on the nature of the problem that in recent months led Iranian experts to briefly power down the machines they use for enrichment - a nuclear technology that has both civilian and military uses.

But suspicions focused on the Stuxnet worm, the computer virus thought to be aimed at Iran's nuclear program, which experts last week identified as being calibrated to destroy centrifuges by sending them spinning out of control.

Iran says its enrichment efforts are geared only to make nuclear fuel but the program has aroused international concern because it can be re-engineered to produce uranium for nuclear warheads.

There have been hints that the program is beset by technical problems. Even a brief shutdown of the thousands of enriching machines would be the strongest documentation to date that the program - Iran's nuclear cornerstone and a source of national pride - is in trouble.

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The whole story was a hype

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

In fact Iran not only increased production but also increased the number of centerfuges. The stuxnet story was to be a good publicity for the Zionists who presumably (no one know for sure) invented it.




Sargord Pirouz

At the Natanz enrichment

by Sargord Pirouz on

At the Natanz enrichment facility in central Iran, the number of operating centrifuges declined from 4,920 in May 2009 to 3,772 in September 2010.

In a strategic sense, if Stuxnet was responsibe--and that's a big if--this can be considered insignificant.

But had things been much worse, you'd be applauding, right Shifteh? That's to be expected from anyone anti-Iran.