However awkward Mr. Pahlavi is effectively leading a democratic movement having never been elected by anyone / SONIA VERMA
20-Nov-2010 (6 comments)

Dressed in a snappy suit, freshly shaven and somewhat suave, he appears the antithesis of the clerical regime that currently rules Iran with an iron fist.

Now 50, Mr. Pahlavi gave himself an unusual gift on his 21st birthday: He crowned himself “King of Kings,” inheritor of Iran's Peacock Throne.

The fancy title, however, meant nothing. His Majesty lived in Maryland, half a world away from his supposed kingdom. His father had just died in exile, having fled Iran in 1979, at the height of the Iranian Revolution.

Thirty years later, Mr. Pahlavi still lives in Maryland (“strategically, the U.S. made a lot of sense,” he says) and has shed his royal title (although his staff still refers to him as “Prince”), along with beliefs about restoring the monarchy.

Instead, he has staked claim to a new, deeply nebulous title: leader of Iran's democratic revolution.

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persian pit bull


by persian pit bull on

I have never been able to understand how any one can anoint another man or woman  as being better and more able to manage one's affair.  

Mr KD's  'Your Legitimate Sovereign' even though heartfelt, it shows lack of confidence in his own ability to determine his own future course.  please read the book  Common Sense.

that is not any difference than putting that confidence on Imam or Rahbar.  Both tend to abuse the power.


G. Rahmanian

Mr. Kadivar

by G. Rahmanian on

When did Khatami make that speech?

Darius Kadivar

Your Quite Right Mammad Jaan RP is Not a Leader He is Merely

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Legitimate Sovereign ...

Fereydoun Farokhzad - Padeshah



Based on the ONLY Democratic Draft (i.e: The 1906 Constitution) we have ever had:

Pro Bakhtiar Demonstrations


But I do understand that you and your likeminds prefer to keep your Loyalty to the Arab Sickled Flag and Zahak King as well as his Illegitimate Turbaned Dynasty's Constitution you hoped and still hope to reform instead:

KhatamiDemocracy, & Islamic Republic

and which is also your absolute right !

Poor Taste if you asked me ...

Robin Hood Feast Scene

But Your Right Nevertheless !




He is not leading anyone

by Mammad on

RP is not the leader of any movement, not a democratic one for Iran, anyway. He is so only in the fantasies of his loyalists, such as DK. That support is fine; DK is entitled to his opinion. RP is, of course, entitled to his opinion and positions also. But, let's not get carried away.



True Iranian and True Leader

by afshinazad on

It is not easy task to unite Iranian but he is working very hard and this is not todays news and it has been over 30 years. Prince pahlavi been attacked by all oppositions and even american and British and we all know that democratic Iran will be end of free ride for western countries and free Iran could change the region and western countries don't want that and IRI is great excuse for them to do what ever they want to do in that region and that is the reality we have hard time to accepting it,we Iranian should make a pledge to free our country at any cost, otherwise this existing policy will continue for ever and we have seen that from last 32 years played over and over.If american president is not for freedom and he never supported the freedom movement  in Iran and these american closed their eyes and never once mentioned about human rights and yet and mr pahlavis fathers time every bloody day they were barking about human rights. we Iranian know very well who is with us and who against us for freedom and democratic country.It is up to Iranian to make a change and that is hard with no leader.   


Is he really a Shiite, or is

by alimostofi on

Is he really a Shiite, or is he not religious at all? 


Ali Mostofi