The Hidden Menace
14-Nov-2010 (3 comments)

November 14, 2010: Iran produces lots of propaganda, on lots of subjects. But there's on topic that is rarely covered officially; the Al Quds Force. This is an intelligence and commando operation that supports Islamic terrorism overseas. It has always attracted very bright and able people, but also got personnel with a wide range of views on just what constituted an "Islamic Republic" or the proper role for the Quds Force itself. For over two decades, one of the few things Quds officers could agree on was the need to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Many Quds officers actually warmed to the United States for doing the deed for them. But most Quds operatives are still dedicated to Shia Islam becoming the dominant religion on the planet. Thus Al Quds can be found operating nearly everywhere, from South America (where they have a new base in Venezuela) to wherever Iran has a diplomatic presence. But the big Quds operations are in southern Iraq, western Afghanistan and Gaza.

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Meanwhile, a Quds operation

by vildemose on

Meanwhile, a Quds operation in Nigeria has blown up and caused embarrassment. Last month, Nigerian police found 13 cargo containers full of weapons. The shipping documents listed the contents as building materials. Some detective work confirmed that the containers were shipped from Iran several months ago. Worse, at least two Nigerian Moslems were involved in the operation, as well as an Iranian diplomat. The unanswered question is whether the containers are being stored in Nigeria, before they can be shipped to some other destination (like Gaza, Venezuela or Eritrea), or were meant for someone in Nigeria (like a pro-Iranian Moslem politician up north). Iran has been supporting the Shia minority in northern Nigeria, which has brought forth denunciations from Sunni Islamic leaders. ). There are 5-10 million Shia (and over 60 million Sunni) in Nigeria and most Shia want a religious dictatorship like Iran, running the country using Islamic law. While many in the Sunni majority agree with this, the religious differences between Shia and Sunni cause tension and violence. There have been assassinations (of Shia and Sunni leaders) as well as riots and some battles. While the Nigerian Shia are considered less-than-orthodox by the senior Shia clergy back in Iran and Iraq, they are still recognized as Shia, and Iran has provided some support (most of it illegal, in the form of cash smuggled in to help sustain Shia organizations.) But the 13 cargo containers of weapons may be an escalation in this support.

Very telling of IRI's long-term objectives.



by mahmoudg on

the more we/the world learns of the menace this regime represents,  the quicker we can become UNITED against the Islamic Rapist Republic and Shia Islam or the cult of Islam altogether.  Freeing Iran from the clutches of this 1400 year old menace is tantamount to freeing the world from terrorism.  Long live Iran and a prosperous Persia under a people powered democracy.

Sargord Pirouz

Good gravy, Strategy page is

by Sargord Pirouz on

Good gravy, Strategy page is even worse than DebkaFile. 

But hey, if you're desperate for anti-Iran narratives, anything will do, right?