U.N. Member States Elect Countries To Serve On U.N. Women Board
11-Nov-2010 (3 comments)

U.N. Member States on Wednesday voted on the countries that would have a seat on the board of U.N. Women, the new agency tasked with promoting equality and women's rights, Public Radio International's The World reports.

"The elections, held in the 54-member Economic and Social Council
(ECOSOC), will enable the new board to come together prior to the
official establishment on 1 January 2011 of" the agency, according to U.N. News Centre (11/10).

"The General Assembly resolution adopted in July that merged four
U.N. bodies dealing with women's issues into a single agency with
greater clout to represent half the world's population calls for a
41-member executive board, with 35 members chosen by regional groups and
six representing donor nations," the Canadian Press
reports. "The resolution earmarks four seats from the 10 top donor
nations and the United States, Britain, Spain and Nor... >>>

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Hypocrisy at its worst

by Rea on

Money makes the world go round, la,la,la.


Yolanda, Saudi Barbaria always buys favors

by IranFirst on

KSA has always used Oil money to spread its barbaric Islam.In adition to IRI, KSA is the biggest helper of Muslim terrorists around the world (Al-Qaida) and helping to biuild "Madressehs" to train Taleban types, and buil Mosques/places for terrorists to gather....



by yolanda on

From the article:

Unlike Iran, who was required to receive the votes of other U.N. Member States to receive a board seat, Saudi Arabia, "secured an automatic seat" as a donor country on the board

So Saudis "bought" their seat! ......not like KSA received votes of approval.........it is good to know!

Thank you for sharing!