10 Questions for Reza Pahlavi
payvand / reza pahlavi Crown Prince of Iran
30-Oct-2010 (3 comments)

Question 1)

"What are your thoughts regarding a 24 hours worldwide Iranian satellite TV and Radio broadcasting information and command center for all Iranian people and all the people around the world to communicate and unite until victory? Communication is the key for success in any planning."
George B, USA

Reza Pahlavi: Dear George, Thank you for your question. I agree with your comments. The quest for freedom and democracy requires a communication vehicle both internally and with the outside world and such communication must be controlled by Iranians themselves and not influenced by any foreign government and by definition by their policies. The need is defined and urgent; however as everything else in this struggle it requires funding, and for this we must work hand in hand to realize an editorially independent communication infrastructure for Iran's resistance movement.

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Darius Kadivar

Coming from a MOOSE who can't even answer easy ones ...

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NIAC lobby answer! 

I take Your Suggestion for a Compliment !


Rasty Engadre Sir va Piaz Meekhory yeh ho too Mastet Garg Nashee ? ...





10 softball questions to stroke agha emam reza pahlavi's ego


How about some tough hard hitting questions for a change?

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Gee Even Payvand seems to be evolving ... Finally ;0)

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Gee Even Payvand seems to be evolving ... Finally posting RP2's views ... That Doesn't happen often on this website ...