IRI Authorities say Iranian elite target of "Soft War"
Radio Zaamaneh via payvand
26-Oct-2010 (one comment)

Iran's Minister of Culture, Mohammad Hosseini told a Congress on the so-called "Soft War" that "the elite of the society including professors and artists are targets of the soft war."

ILNA reports that the culture minister added: "The perpetrators of this war are of the opinion that if they can enlist the collaboration of the thinkers and artists, enlisting the masses would become very easy."

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I Plead Guilty of All Charges ;0) ... Et Je VOUS EMMERDE !!

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"Modes of acquiring the news, distorting people's identities, reducing social assets, disseminating doubt, creating anxiety and resorting to mockery are amongst the tactics of the enemy in the soft war," the culture minister stressed.
I Plead Guilty of All Charges ;0) ...