Iran training Taliban fighters to use surface-to-air missiles
sfexaminer / Sara A. Carter

military advisers have been training Taliban fighters in Afghanistan on
the use of surface-to-air missiles, a potential game changer in the war
if insurgents can use such weapons effectively, several current and
retired military officials told The Washington Examiner.

"We know the [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] has been training
Taliban fighters in the use of surface-to-air missiles," said a military
official in Afghanistan with knowledge of the situation. "As of the
moment it is uncertain whether the Taliban has access to the weapons
systems necessary to utilize this training against the coalition."

That is the key question -- whether the Iranian government or other
supporters of the Taliban have so far supplied the weapons necessary to
conduct significant attacks against U.S. or coalition aircraft in the
region, military sources said. The Iranians reportedly possess Chinese
portable surface-to-air missiles of the type that would threaten
coalition aircraft.

When asked whether Iran was training Taliban to use surface-to-air
missiles, supplying weapons or had used surface-to-air missiles against
U.S. aircraft recently shot down in Afghanistan, a Pentagon official
said the Defense Department "cannot address questions this specific and
of this nature at an unclassified level."

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