US Shot Down Iranian Drone in Iraq, WikiLeaks Confirms
motherjones / Adam Weinstein
23-Oct-2010 (2 comments)

The US shot down and captured an almost-completely intact Iranian surveillance drone in Iraqi territory in early 2009, not far from a refugee camp for dissident Iranians, WikiLeaks' new Iraq logs confirm. The report, listed under "Events that may elicit political, media, or international reaction," adds credence to US claims of Iranian interference in Iraq, while also demonstrating just how ethnically and logistically messy the US's operations there have been.

The capture of Iran's green-and-white, camera-carrying unarmed aerial vehicle in a border region northeast of Baghdad on February 17, 2009, was all the rage in US military and diplomatic circles. While US officials confirmed the shootdown to the media a month later, those initial news reports held few telling details. But many such details were included in the WikiLeaks report, including intelligence officers' assessment that the downing was "potentially a politically volatile matter" in a crowded corner of Iraq's strategic chessboard.

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Much of it by Al-ghaida and Islamists

by IranFirst on

I hope all the The Al-ghida, the Muslim beheaders, the terrorists sent by IRI and all the other Parasites from the Arab and Islamic world that killed Iraqi children and Kurds to impose an Islamic State in Iraq get their desrved punishment (mostly did and are sent to hell already, thanks to US and Iraqi army)


Likewise, it confirms the

by Bavafa on

Likewise, it confirms the brutal death and torture committed under the American watch and how they turned a blind eye to so much death and injustice not only by their own forces but also by the forces under their control.

Lets hope this serves as an eye opening for those who still call on military strike against Iran and Iranian.

Lets hope justice prevails one day and those who responsible for so much death and destruction in Iraq receive their day in court and behind bars.