"Secular" Professors Dismissed From Iranian Universities
radio zamaneh via payvand

Iran's Open University announced that they have fired the "secular" members of their faculty.

Karim Zareh, parliamentary representative of the university told Mehr news agency today that these members were given a number of warnings which were not heeded; therefore, they were dismissed.

He added however that the number of dismissals were rather minimal. He said: "If they were not permanent members of the faculty or on probationary period, the dismissal was straightforward. However, a few had tenure so the faculty has to make a decision about them."

In the meantime, Hassan Ahadi, deputy education officer of the Open University announced that the "secular" professors of their institution are an "absolute minority" which he claimed rather than being fired should be brought back into the fold.

He added: "We must try to attract and absorb these members which are very few. If we claim to be better Muslims, we should spend more time and energy on them."

In the past year, a number of Open University professors have been dismissed for not being in line with the Islamic Republic doctrines.

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