Khatami: We should stand against agents of violence and extremism
21-Oct-2010 (one comment)

In the name of God

Different and varied cultures resulting from a collective awareness and self-consciousness of peoples are interrelated with different civilizations. Identity will be named civilization when it is considered as a social lifestyle and calibrates economic and political relations as well as architectural structure, art, industry and science. It will be named culture when collective awareness and self-consciousness, ideologies and life customs are taken into consideration.

And the question is: what is the relationship between varied cultures (particularly in today's uniformed world)?

Is it conflict, confrontation and war or gentleness, peaceful coexistence and dialog?

What we witness as a fact in history is mostly conflict and war including wars that have taken place in the name of faith and religion and wars that have had political origins. Nonetheless, looking into this matter carefully, we would realize that the roots of war are in humans' expansionist tendencies, and want of excessive power. In other words, wars are mostly political and over power and economic interests. Even amid wars, one would see cultures and civilizations exchange very useful deals and agreements.

Humans, in some countries, have enjoyed very much of numerous extraordinary advancements and breakthroughs in all scientific, technological, social and economic areas. Humans' disasters, though, have been as great as the... >>>

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