Iranian Police Chief Targets Women Cyclists, Roller-Skaters
21-Oct-2010 (4 comments)

The new police chief of the Iranian city of Esfahan says it is a crime for women to cycle or roller-skate in public, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports.

The two were among a range of women's activities deemed criminal by Hassan Karami in an announcement on October 18.

Further criminal activities include singing near Esfahan's famous Khajoo Bridge and playing volleyball in public. Karami also said that it is a crime for either sex to play cards in public parks.

Karami said police will "severely prosecute" offenders. He added that the number of police stations and patrols in Esfahan should be increased in order to combat crime in the city.

Tehran-based lawyer Ahmad Bashiri told Radio Farda on October 19 that for an act to be considered a crime, there must be a defined punishment under the law, so that the crime can be prosecuted.

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moving towards a taliban ideaology

by azadi5 on

it's easy to see that IRI regime wants to move closer to Taliban version of Islam. But, they will not succeed.



by yolanda on

Thank you, IranFirst, for the link......super interesting movie.....the director seems to have humorous approach to the plight of girls/women in Iran.....Hava/Hassan story is very intriguing....

As it turns out, Hava doesn't become a woman until noon, so she has one more hour to play with Hassan — her grandmother gives her a stick and tells her that when its shadow disappears, her time is up. Hassan, unfortunately, isn't allowed to play with Hava because he has homework to do. Hava buys some candy and they share a lollipop through the bars of a window which, given how long first-time director Marzieh Meshkini lingers on this scene, no doubt breaks all sorts of taboos in her homeland.

This kind of thing only happens in Iran!


Its Islamic nonsense Yolanda

by IranFirst on

Here is the picture of women biking in imposed Islamic dress



Ironically its from the movie "The Day I became a Woman", by Mohsen Makhmalbaf , showing the plight of being a woman in Iran and under barbaric Islam



by yolanda on

It is very unreasonable that they can't play volleyball and ride bicycle in public!

    I am curious what is the justification for that! Is that because girls can't wear chador when they ride bike? safety concern?

So girls can't drive in Saudi Arabia or ride bike in Iran....that is too much!