How Pro-Ahmadinejad News Websites Twist Facts
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Combing through Iran news today, I came across an article in one of the pro-Ahmadinejad websites. The title was 'Israeli Women Sell Their Bodies: [Pictures Included]' and the first paragraph said:
'In a blatant act of decadence and social moral corruption, women are
displayed for sale in shop windows throughout Israel's major chain
stores'. The article quotes several Israeli papers to back up its claim
for this depraved social perversion which is gripping Israel and ends
with a paragraph which says:
'Each woman has a price tag, which also displays her age, weight, size
and her country of birth. The pictures below show modern women slavery
in Israel, a country which claims to have democracy!'

So the message to the people of Iran is clear, democracy will lead to
women being displayed in shop windows as sex commodities, is this what
you want?

As I scrolled down to see the images and decide whether democracy should
be pursued or not, I noticed the women didn't look like they were
trying to attract customers. The images didn't look they were trying to
entice or provoke men in a sexual way, unless Ahmadinejad supporters
find a picture of a battered woman with a black eye sexually enticing!
In fact it looked more like a powerful protest against human trafficking
and prostitution. The caption for... >>>

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