We have too many wars already
The Hendersonville Star News / Tom Koentop

I was saddened when I read the letter, "Fed up with Iran" in your
Oct. 1 edition. I can only assume that the writer is either on active
military duty or just about to enlist, so he can "see what you got."
Having served two tours in Vietnam and seen more people die than I ever
wanted to, I believe deep in my heart that we need to disengage from our
Middle Eastern wars and certainly get involved in another one with

the leaders of both political parties claim victory is just around the
corner, or available with a few thousand more troops, or just barely out
of our grasp, we continue to lose what really matters to the United
States. We are recklessly shedding too much blood of our courageous
young people, spending vast amounts of our money, and squandering the
moral treasury of our national soul to achieve what will be, I believe,
the same ultimate result we ended up with in Vietnam.

are losing the war for the moral high ground in the world, and if we
lose that, the military victory so many think is so important won't
really matter. We won't be the country we want to be, but will remain
torn apart by political division, crippled by a sinking economy, and
populated with thousands ... >>>

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