Accused candy store robber's hand ordered cut off by Iranian judge
CNN / Shirzad Bozorghmehr
16-Oct-2010 (one comment)

(CNN) -- An Iranian judge has sentenced a man accused of stealing chocolate and cocoa from a candy shop to have his hand cut off, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported Saturday.

"Considering the confession of the defendant and the fact that he was found guilty of breaking and entering, according to the Quran, he deserves to have his hand cut off," Fars quoted the judge as saying as he ordered the sentence.

The 21-year-old man, whose name was withheld by the court, was arrested in May while driving in a suspicious manner, Fars reported. During the arrest, police recovered cash as well as chocolates and cocoa.

"After the man was taken to a police station, a report of a robber at a candy store was received by police," Fars said.

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by yolanda on

It is super sad that the 21 year old may lose his hand.....but I am glad that the news has landed on CNN......I am hoping that his hand can still be saved........stoning and hand amputation should be abolished.......too many cruel and weird punishments being practiced in Iran.....oh Gosh!

Thank you for spreading the word!