Playboy son of NKorea leader raps succession plan
12-Oct-2010 (one comment)

BEIJING – The casino-loving eldest son of North Korea's Kim Jong Il — once tipped to succeed him before trying to sneak into Japan to go to Disneyland — says he opposes a hereditary transfer of power to his youngest half-brother.

It's the first public sign of discord in the tightly choreographed succession process, though analysts said Kim Jong Nam spends so much time outside his native land that his opinion carries little weight.

The chubby 39-year-old Kim, the oldest of three brothers who were in the running to take over secretive North Korea, is the closest thing the country has to a playboy.

Unlike many of his countrymen back home who lack the resources and connections to travel overseas, Kim travels freely and spends much of his time in China or the country's special autonomous region of Macau — the center of Asian gambling with its Las Vegas-style casinos.

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Ajab Mosseebaty Shodeh ;0)

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Ajab Mosseebaty Shodeh Koreans have him to represent them outside their country ...

We have IRI's Ambassador's Wife Ms. Fatemeh Daroogar-Abutalebi to represent us in France ;0)

IRI ambassador's wife in Paris