Ahmadinejad wants the Pope to join him in the fight against Intolerance

In a letter, the Iranian president told Pope Benedict XVI that he is looking for a close relationship with him to fight intolerance. He is also asking all religions to work with him in fighting secularism and materialism.

Father Federico Lombardi of the Vatican confirmed that a letter from the Iranian president was given to the Pope.

In the letter, Ahmadenejad praised the Pope for criticizing the U.S. pastor, Terry Jones, who wanted to burn the Koran.

Ahmadenejad called for religious leaders to establish justice, and overcome discrimination.

We applaud the Iranian president for such callings and suggest that he starts doing that with his own house – Iran. The Iranian regime has been discriminating against women and minorities for years now. Bahai’s of Iran live in fear on a daily basis. Barbaric punishments like stonning are still an option in the Iranian legal system. Women and men are forced to abide by a dress code. Homosexuals cannot come out for fear of death.

Mr. Ahmadenejad, and the OIC echo the same song about Islam trying to protect it. The fact is Shari’a Islamic laws are incompatible with civil society rules. Islamic treatment of homosexulas and minorities are incompatible with concepts of justice and fairness to all citizens of the state.

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