"Despotism's Palace is Shaking on Its Foundations"
Enduring America / Scott Lucas
07-Oct-2010 (2 comments)

Once again fall has come. It’s back to school time. Yet, there’s no sign of kindness on the autumnal horizon. Once again, the spring of knowledge has coincided with the fall of nature. Yet, awaiting our aspirations to bear fruit, we remain, amongst stories of sadness and madness, hopeful in our expectation… Without hope, hope of change, it would have been difficult to write, once again, embracing the risk of repeating oneself, of the criminal nature, of the mediocrity and betrayal of this gang of despots who have hijacked power in our land. Without hope, hope of change, it would have been difficult to write about the bravery and resistance of our people....

Universities and the critical mind of the student community have been and remain the dynamic engine of popular movements. The student movement has been and remains alive and creative… It is a privilege to be part of this meritorious generation, living in an exceptional era… Having learned from past experiences, the values borne by the student movement have grown up into a strongly rooted tree….

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Thanks Yolanda

by IranFirst on

yes Majid is a brave man for not giving in to the IRI and even writing while in prison and under torture.



by yolanda on

Majid is great! He deserves a Nobel Prize. I hope he is out of jail very soon!

Thank you for posting this beautiful letter!