1100 years of imprisonment for 216 political prisoners in Iran
Radio Zamaneh via payvand

Iranian reformists website Kaleme has published the names and details of 216 political prisoners in Iran's various prisons who between themselves are sentenced to 1100 years of imprisonment. According to Kaleme, Mir Hossein Mousavi's news outlet, this report has been provided for them by the "anonymous friends of the Green movement at Evin Prison."

The report indicates that 145 political prisoners are in section 350 of Evin out of which nine are sentenced to death and 13 are accused of espionage.

The youngest prisoners amongst them is 19-year-old, Mohsen Shoshtari, sentenced to one year in prison, and the oldest is Amir Ali Mehrnia, a 73-year-old who was arrested in the post-election events and is sentenced to two years in prison.

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