Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad en route to New York to attend United Nations meetings
New York Daily News / Aliyah Shahid
18-Sep-2010 (one comment)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can’t get enough of the Big Apple.
The Iranian President left Saturday for a three-nation trip, which includes the U.S., where he’ll attend the United Nations General Assembly meetings next week, AFP reported.
Ahmadinejad said that besides attending the U.N. meeting, he’d also meet with American government officials.
"In New York, I will talk to heads of governments, a group of American people, industrialists, thinkers, politicians and decision-makers, have a dialogue with one of the American universities, and talk to the media," local media outlets reported.
In Syria, the anti-American leader said that Middle Eastern countries will “disrupt” U.S. and Israeli plans to change the political geography of the region but did not elaborate.
That meeting comes just days after Syrian President Bashar Assad met with President Obama’s special Middle East envoy, George Mitchell. The back-to-back trips symbolize the battle between Iran and the U.S. to influence Syria, a historic Iranian ally.
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