Iran Quietly Moves On Bahrain
15-Sep-2010 (2 comments)

September 13, 2010: Bahrain's Sunni leaders are increasing efforts to round up Shia citizens, and foreigners, believed to be plotting to overthrow the government. Although Bahrain won't accuse Iran publicly, many Bahrainis believes that Iran is involved. Most Bahrainis are Shia, and Iranian leaders openly express their belief that Bahrain is Iran's 14th province. Bahrain's Sunni king is also concerned that the Iranians are trying to interfere with the elections next month. The parliament is limited by royal power, but able provide a platform for reformers, or Islamic conservatives. The political situation in Kuwait is similar, which is one reason the Kuwaitis openly support the Bahraini government.

Last month, Bahrain warned Kuwait and Saudi Arabia that it had uncovered a plot involving hundreds of sleeper agents, organized into 40-50 cells. The agents, often poor locals, as well as men from Iran, Yemen and Lebanon, were financed by religious leaders and Islamic political parties. The plan was to launch coordinated attacks in Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Bahrain proceeded to arrest and question 250 suspects. Kuwait put the usual suspects under greater scrutiny, and Saudi Arabia said nothing. Bahrain said the attacks were to be carried out if Iran were attacked (presumably by Israel.) Kuwait continues to openly support Bahrain in fighting this Shia conspiracy.

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Bahrain is part of Iran

by iamfine on

Those British separated Bahrain from Iran. It is part of our country and we must fight for it. If this government intention is just doing that, I am for it.


I am all for that

by onlyinamrica on

The gonadless king gave it away and now crazy IRI wants it back.