South Korea's Kia halts exports to Iran
13-Sep-2010 (2 comments)

SEOUL — South Korea's Kia Motors, whose Pride model is ubiquitous on Iranian roads, said Tuesday it had suspended exports to the Islamic state partly in response to Seoul's nuclear-related sanctions.

"South Korean government sanctions... were part of the decision," Kia spokesman Michael Choo told AFP, declining to comment further.

Kia's Pride, a small hatchback, accounts for 30-40 percent of all vehicles on Iran's roads, according to the company. The firm last year exported 4,210 complete vehicles to Iran and 17,040 cars in kit form for local assembly.

Kia suspended all exports to Iran last month, including completed vehicles, kits and spare parts -- before South Korea's government announced its detailed measures but after it announced its intention to impose sanctions.

According to a survey issued Sunday, more than three-quarters of South Korea's small and mid-size exporters have partly or totally discontinued shipments to Iran following Seoul's sanctions.

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Bihoosh Joon!

by IranFirst on

So you are admiting that your Mullah masters drive better cars than average Iranian? And they are not in it for spiritual reasons? Such are the "modest" clergy who follow the footsteps of that Charlatan Muhamad, who killed so many for loot and women slaves.

You are writing from Tel Aviv?!, You are right I was not expecting much from an uneducated Islamist like you.



Bahoosh Joon!

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If you were an Iranian you would know that it is the average Iranian that purchases KIA cars not the mullahs!!!!

But what to expect from one who writes from Tel Aviv after all?