Say No to Ahmadinejad’s Presence at UN General Assembly

UASDI is asking the delegates from different countries at the UN General Assembly to refuse to honor Ahmadinejad’s presence at the UN by boycotting his speech to the General Assembly. This act will reaffirm the delegate’s rejection of violence and repression against millions of Iranian people. It will also be a message to the Iranian people that they are not alone in their quest for freedom and justice. [1]
We are calling on all freedom loving Iranians in North America as well as freedom loving Americans to join our protest of Ahmadinejad’s appearance at the UN General Assembly and join us in calling for the establishment of a secular democracy and abolishment of all forms of discrimination in Iran.
Union for Advancement of Secular Democracy in Iran (North America)
(The Union is composed of Iranian-American and Iranian-Canadian organizations and groups from across North America, who have a shared belief in, and advocate the principles of democracy, the separation of religion and state, and the full implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Iran.)
For more information on upcoming actions in New York City, call your local number in North America:
1. New Jersey: 973-896-7771
2. New York: 718-309-1996
3. Connecticut: 203-570-6964
4. Chicago: 847-970-1553
5. DC: 703-340-7726
6. Orange County: 714 469 6126
7. San Francisco 510-725-8108
8. Atlanta: 404-483-0256
9. Montreal: 5... >>>

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