Toward a Green Foreign Policy for Iran
Muhammad Sahimi / Tehran Bureau
05-Sep-2010 (5 comments)

There are several reasons why the articulation of such a foreign policy vision has become very important. One is that as the drumbeats of a possible war with Iran get louder and debate over it gets more heated, the Green Movement must make its position regarding possible military attacks on Iran absolutely transparent. Second, neoconservatives in the United States have been busy trying to present the Green Movement as a pro-American development. Michael Weiss of the Weekly Standard, the mouthpiece of the neoconservatives, recently asserted that Shiva Nazar Ahari, the courageous human rights defender and advocate of children's rights is "clearly pro-West and philo-American," an absurd claim. On the basis of this and similar absurdities, some neoconservatives, the Israel lobby, and their Iranian minions speak as if at least part of the Green Movement will support military attacks on Iran as a way of toppling the Islamic Republic. Such claims must be countered. Third, again, as the confrontation between the hardliners and the Western powers centers around Iran's nuclear program and its antagonism toward Israel, it is essential for the Green Movement to articulate its views and remove any ambiguities regarding how it stands on these issues.

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Mardom Mazloom

Akh mordam az khandeh,

by Mardom Mazloom on

"such a long mostly incoherent -article-" said from Fred jan who churns out 2 blogs a day (like a musing chicken!) which are often incomprehensible... Vay ... I'm unable to read the rest of the comment...

The envious die not once, but as oft as the envied win applause. ~Baltasar Gracian


mammad - best line in your article that I completely agree w/

by MM on

The following is your best line in your article:

"2. Foreign policy cannot be separated from domestic policy. In fact, the former is a reflection of the latter in the international arena. One good example is the claim that is often made by Tehran's hardliners that they support "democratic elections and democracy" in Iraq and Afghanistan. The claim is bogus, because the same group commits fraud in Iran's elections, violates the rights of the citizens, and uses violence and even murder to crack down on peaceful demonstrations. A nation cannot claim to be a true democracy and yet intervene in other nations' affairs, attack them unjustifiably, or occupy their territory. Likewise, the hardliners' defense of "Palestinians' rights" is bogus, because they consistently violate the rights of their own fellow Iranians."

I believe that the nuclear issue in Iran has become a distraction from the main issue which is to bring a democratic secular government to Iran.  Once such a government is seated in Iran, western governments will be lining up to sell the latest nuclear technology to Iran.  If Iran IS trying to make a bomb, I for one would like to see the evidence instead of all this back-and-forth hype and war-of-words that takes time and effort away from bringing freedom to Iran.

Overall, a very good job.


Upset Haji

by Fred on

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by Mammad on

Correct. That was said exactly, as had been before and after! But, what is the contradiction between that and the article? Any nation that can enrich uranium can potentially make the bomb. One does not need to be Einstein to recognize that!

And, what gives you the qualifications for deciding what is coherent and what is not?

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The missing "crux "

by Fred on

Such a long mostly incoherent “article” with lots vitriol just to say what an Islamist nuke lobbyist has said already. Perhaps to give these types of “articles” clarity, the Islamist’s “crux of the issue"  should be included verbatim as synopsis in all future ones.  

The “crux of the issue “statement:

“"The crux of the issue about Iran's nuclear program is, in my opinion, as follows: If Iran has the ability to make the bomb on a short notice, it becomes unattackable. That is not something that the US and Israel can tolerate. They want to be the hegemone (sic) of the Middle East."