Video report: Bushehr Scare: Iran nuke monster 'made in media'
RT News / Scott Horton
26-Aug-2010 (2 comments)

Iran is starting up its first nuclear power plant, built by Russia, in the southern city of Bushehr. Engineers from both countries have begun loading fuel into the reactor under the control of the UN's atomic watchdog. Scott Horton, the host of Anti-War Radio, told RT that there is nothing to fear from the plant, except the rhetoric coming out of Washington.

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Forget about nukes

by MRX1 on

I am more worried about this old soviet piece of junk blowing up and poluting the area and killing tens of thousends of people in the process.


This bomb making factory must be closed

by mahmoudg on

The only way to shut it down, before the Islamist Rapist Republic can get its dirty hands on the Nuclear bomb, is to destroy it at any cost.  This is for the sake of humanity.  These rapist Mulsims must not be allowed to posess this dangerous item, for anything otherwise would mean humanity will be in peril.