Schmucker/Schiller on Iran’s Qiam
25-Aug-2010 (6 comments)

Our friends Robert Schmucker and Markus Schiller send along a short note on Iran’s Qiam missile, concluding that it is a test bed for a new guidance system that will eventually find its way in the Sejil.

The recent launch of Qiam 1 seems to raise some questions. We will try our best to fill at least some of the vacuum at technical missile analysis that was created with Geoff’s absence. So, let us try to shed some light on Iran’s new missile with a quick first and preliminary analysis.

As Josh pointed out, the lack of fins seems to be the most intriguing aspect of the Qiam 1. The pics of the missile’s aft section clearly indicate that it was originally fitted WITH fins, though. Since it makes no sense at all to develop a new missile WITH fins and remove them at first launch, this one could be a modification of an older, well known rocket.

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Let's see if Iranfirst is Israelfirst or not

by IRI on

I wonder why then so many people consider Iran a threat. I have learned that:

1-Iranian military is a joke

2-Iranian equipment is old

3-Iranian navy is non existent

4-Iranian missiles are from WWII

5-Iranians are bluffing.

I agree and let's send this message loud and clear to all the world so they stop this propaganda about "Iranian danger", or Israeli regime requests for Iran to "Stop its military program".

What program? What military? The junk? Then let it go and voice your demand that Iran has nothing to defend itself with, and all these are bluffing, and therefore US and Israel are warmongers who just want to make Iran big so they can attack it.

IranFirst, you first. You seem to believe Iran has junk in military. Call Israelis lairs and warmongers.
If you are a man, you write and record yourself saying that Israel is $h*t and that you are not a Zionist. I doubt you can do it. Let's see. How can you talk down to your masters? I can't wait to see how you will respond. Either way we will have a record from you, either an Israeli on this site or anti Israeli. hehehehe. Got YOU Israeli agent. Prove it otherwise.
Be back to check later.


being a standup comedian,

by Q on

is one stereotype you are defying with all your might!


Dear Low I. "Q"

by IranFirst on

I did not know you are an "Israeli cheerleader on IC sh$#$ your pants over it?"

Good luck :-)


I don't get it!

by Q on

I thought this was 50 year old North Korean technology that doesn't work and everyone already knows about. Iranians afterall aren't smart enough for anything else.

So... why are some people, including the Israeli cheerleaders on IC sh$#$ their pants over it?



by IranFirst on

This like putting a new CD player ins an old Pekan (which was a great
car 50 years ago), call it "Al-Peykan" and advertise it as a breaking
technology car to the world.

I am surprised at your question. Its
called "scaling" School children do it all the time to scale up a
picture to draw , before coloring it. Ask them how it is done.



by on

Ask Mr. Schmucker how he obtained the diameter for Qiam! He can then comeback and discuss his case scientifically!!

Talk is cheap!