How Effective Is Ahmadinejad's New Drone?
25-Aug-2010 (4 comments)

As showbiz, it had its effect. "Iranians Roll Out Unmanned Bomber," the Wall Street Journal warned darkly on its front page the day after Ahmadinejad's announcement. Global television has repeatedly shown two chador-clad women pulling up the cloak to reveal the Karrar - Farsi for Striker - but which Ahmadinejad affectionately dubbed the "ambassador of death." ("It's a curious name for a system," State Department spokesman - and former Air Force Officer- P.J. Crowley noted, as if the U.S. Air Force's two armed drones, the Predator and Reaper, were benignly named.)

Yet the gap between rhetoric and rockets looms large, experts suggest. "More like the 'ambassador of minor damage to unintended target,'" says Richard Aboulafia, a veteran analyst with the Teal Group, an aerospace-consulting firm just outside Washington, D.C. Iran lacks the ability to guide its drone over long distances, nor does it have the sensors - both on the aircraft and at the ground stations controlling it - to make it any kind of a threat. Adds Kenneth Katzman, an Iranian-military expert with the Congressional Research Service: "It is likely to have virtually no actual military value."

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It's embarrassing. These stupid fanatics have deluded themselves for 30 yrs and now they think they can delude others outside of the country. It's news like this that forces me to explain to my American friends that these Mullah Feet Kissers are not true iranians and to plz kindly ignore their stupid boasts....


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Yeah, the Iranian-built

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Yeah, the Iranian-built Kowsar and Noor AShMs were dismissed by this very same crowd. That is until the 33-Day War in Lebanon. 


How Effective Is Ahmadinejad's New Drone?

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Enough to worry the US in the in official announcements! In other words, it has been very effective!






Heck, personally, I give

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the VW bug more power and performance than this piece of junk they have build.  I bet you the crap does not even have an engine in it.  All part of a pshycological warfare by the Islamist Rapist Republic  grandstanding before they are annihilated but the US/Israel bombs.