Woman Recieves Death Sentence for Demonstration Photography
19-Aug-2010 (2 comments)

Stop Fundamentalism – Farah Vazehan, a woman political prisoner arrested on the December 27 demonstrations last year in Iran (known as the Ashura demonstration) has received a death sentece, according to “Human Rights Activist in Iran” weblog.
Mrs. Vazehan, was arrested on the charge of sending a photo of the demonstration scene abroad to an opposition television station.
This is the first death sentence handed down to a woman by the Iranian judiciary in relation to the uprising and demonstrations following the last year’s Iranian presidential elections.
Farah Vazehan was arrested in her home along with her two children. She spent a month is solitary dententions run by Intelligance Ministry. She was then sent to Evin prison after a staged television interview and confession making. Mrs. VAzehan currently stays at the womens’ ward of Evin prison.
About Mrs. Vazehan’s children it is said that they both stayed some time in solitary prison and were forced to make confessions against their mother.
Taking films and pictures of the demonstrations and having contact with exile opposition groups and media outside of Iran are the main charges against Farah Vazehan.

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Thank you yolanda

by IranFirst on

Thank you for your comments and your good heart for always caring about the Iranain prisoners like Farah and Sakineh,..




by yolanda on

Thank you for spreading the word.......it seems to me that IRI wants to prevent future uprisings by using harsh punishment....IRI does not want the world to know the discontent inside Iran.......I hope there will be a new round of campaign to save this lady's life...just like the world-wide campaign which saved Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's life.

Thank you for posting this outrageous development.