More Iranian Minis
12-Aug-2010 (3 comments)

August 12, 2010: Iran recently announced that it had put four more mini-submarines into service, for a total of eleven in the last five years. Over the last decade, Iran has, apparently with technical help from North Korea, been building mini-submarines for operations along its coasts, and throughout the Persian Gulf. The first two entered service about five years ago. The Iranians say they will use the mini-subs to lay mines or launch underwater commando attacks. While the North Koreans provided some technical assistance, the Iranian sub is a local design, smaller than most North Korean mini-subs, which is a reflection of the more turbulent seas found off the Korean coast.

The Iranian subs appear to be based on the North Korean M100D, a 76 ton, 19 meter (58 foot) long boat that has a crew of four and can carry eight divers and their equipment, or several naval mines, or a torpedo. The North Koreans got the idea for the M100D when they bought the plans for a 25 ton Yugoslav mini-sub in the 1980s. Only four of those were built, apparently as experiments to develop a larger North Korean design. There are believed to be over 30 M100Ds, in addition to eleven of the Iranian variation.

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"sargord" is a joke

by IranFirst on

"sargord" is a joke. His comments are limitted to "don't post/read this or that article" because he does not like the sources and without discussing the material.

This is not IRI that you and your basijis can tell people what to read or not and jail/kill them if they don't. You should post from Keyhan and Press TV that you trust, and readers can decide for themselves what to beleive

Sargord Pirouz

strategy page is a joke.

by Sargord Pirouz on

strategy page is a joke. they had the gall to plagerize an authentic analyst's finding over at IMINT, and were called upon it.

that this source is posted here by "iranfirst" on the news section of IC speaks for itself.


Ecuador Drug Gang has built a better one :-)

by IranFirst on

"Building subs like this are not high
tech. A drug gang in Ecuador was recently caught building a 30 meter/98
foot long submarine on a jungle river. This boar was three meters/nine
feet in diameter and capable of submerging to about 30 meters. The
locally built boat had a periscope, conning tower and was air
conditioned. It was captured where it was being assembled, and a nearby
camp, for the builders, appeared to house about fifty people."


The drug gang has higher technology than IRI's copy of the junk N. Korean design :-)