Toyota suspends exports to Iran: Nikkei
10-Aug-2010 (4 comments)

Toyota said its vehicle exports to Iran do not
violate U.S. sanctions, but it decided to stop shipments because
companies continuing to deal with Iran have come under scrutiny from the
U.S. government, the daily said.

U.S. President Barack Obama had on July 1 signed a
law imposing tough new sanctions on Iran's banking and energy sectors,
hoping to curb nuclear work that Tehran says is for energy production
but Washington suspects is aimed at bomb-making.

Toyota exported roughly 4,000 automobiles, such as
the Land Cruiser four-wheel-drive vehicle, to Iran in 2008. The number
fell to 250 in 2009, the daily said.

This year, its Iranian exports had reached 230 by the end of May, but no exports have been made since then, the Nikkei said.

On August 3, Japan approved new sanctions against
Iran in line with a U.N. Security Council resolution in June, including
adding 40 companies and an individual to a blacklist targeted for a
freezing of assets.

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Thank you Yousef

by IranFirst on

Ham-mihan-e gerami, I agree with you. Thank you


I sleep better every night actually!

by yousef on

As I hear more and more news of islamist khalifa and his terrorist regime being squeezed harder by the entire civilised world. Soon they will not have any money to finance their cyber army on

Thanks IranFirst for the news item.


Don't loose sleep

by IranFirst on

Over importing row boats, toy planes,  Land Cruisers, wwII vintage equioment from N. Korea...for your terrorist brothers. The fact is these are toys when facing US and the rest of the civilized world's armies. In this case it is a symbolic sign that Japan is with the rest of the civilized world against the IRI terrorists. You guys will be thrown out of Iran by Iranians soon


Don't lose sleep

by on

over the headlines such as this latest one. If Iran still manages to import missiles, fast attack boats, aerospace parts, radars and other defence technologies, Iran will certainly import land Cruisers too though the import of such item has been drastically slowed in recent years for military due to local production of three Jeep models two of which are Hummer class and the other is a quarter ton light jeep.