Ahmadinejad’s Govt Has Halted Iran’s Projects Waiting On Imam Mehdi, Mousavi

Mir Hossein Mousavi, Iran’s opposition leader has accused the government of the Iranian President Ahmadinejad of suspending government projects believing in the superstition of the arrival of the last Shiite Imam Mohammedi Mehdi, reported by several local and regional Media outlets last week.

“Some government officials have predicted the coming of Mahdi soon. Therefore, the government has halted working on several important projects,” said Mousavi.

Mousavi, leader of Iran’s so-called Green Movement, lost last year’s highly disputed presidential elections to Ahmadinejad.

Since then, he as well as many others have not recognized Ahmadinejad as president believing that election results where changed by a massive fraud conducted by pro-Ahmadinejad circle including Iran’s supreme Leader Khamenei, who had supported Ahmadinejad.

“Some people believe Mahdi will come in the next six months or next year. That is why the government has stopped working on several industrial, as well as water and energy projects,” Mousavi ridiculed.

“They paralyze the economy on the pretext of Mahdi’s coming”.

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