Pink Floyd anthem retooled as Iranian rallying cry (video)
France24 / Eric Olander

A new take on the old Pink Floyd anti-authoritarian anthem "Another
Brick in the Wall" blends the power of social media with political
activism to raise awareness about human rights in Iran.

A pair of Iranian exile brothers have produced a distinctly contemporary
remake of the 1979 Pink Floyd anti-authoritarian anthem “Another Brick
in the Wall.” With the official blessing of Pink Floyd, the Canadian-based band “Blurred Vision”
have released the updated version of the track that is rapidly becoming
a social media phenomenon. “Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone”
intersperses news footage from the June 2009 “Green Revolution”
with the band’s performance in what is depicted as a mosque. The video
has been viewed over a hundred thousand times on the popular video site You Tube and word is spreading rapidly across the micro-blogging service Twitter where thousands of users have posted links to the video.

The brothers family, >>>
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