Iran says it will set Tel Aviv ablaze if attacked
01-Aug-2010 (4 comments)

TEHRAN — Iran will set Tel Aviv on fire if Israel attacks the Islamic republic over its controversial nuclear programme, newspapers on Sunday quoted Iran's envoy to the United Nations as saying.

"If the Zionist regime commits the slightest aggression against the Iranian soil, we will set the entire war front and Tel Aviv on fire," Mohammad Khazai said in the northeastern town of Kashmar, the Farhang-e Ashti daily reported.

The government-run Iran newspaper quoted him as saying that the "noise" about an Israeli attack on the Islamic republic is a "sign of the enemy's fear."

Israel has never ruled out taking military action to thwart Iran's programme of uranium enrichment, accusing its arch-foe of seeking to acquire atomic weapons -- a charge Tehran denies.

Iranian officials have frequently warned of a crushing response in the event of an attack either by Israel or the United States, which has led international efforts to bring a halt to Tehran's uranium enrichment work.

Iran insists that its nuclear programme is peaceful and has refused to stop enrichment in defiance of the UN Security Council, which has imposed four sets of sanctions on Tehran.

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Not to mention

by Fair on

the annihilation of most Iranian cities, especially the capital.

A war with Israel and the resulting escalation will result in millions of dead Iranians, and is a path that inhabitants of this planet would suffer greatly from.

But then the Iranian head of state which openly declares his intention to destroy Israel does not live on this planet, nor does he care one mesghal for the fate of the people of Iran.

Leave Israel alone, they will leave you alone.  Threaten them with destruction, you will have invited your own potential destruction.  And your BS imam zaman and emdadhaye gheibi will be nowhere to be found, just like he was nowhere to be found in the 1980's except the IRI's big mouth.


the Farhang-e Ashti daily report

by benross on

Funny that this message is reported by a daily with that name!


Global economic collapse

by John on

Forget about something as minor as Tel Aviv in flames;  what I see happening is that Iran would block the Strait of Hormuz, through which 40% of the world's seaborne oil supply (20% of all oil supplies) passes.  The consequence would be the collapse of many western economies, especially the American one.


For those who think an

by Bavafa on

For those who think an attack on Iranian land could be risk free, they fail to see that Iran has reserved the right to retaliate and in all likelihood will do so. Of course the responsibility for the mayhem that will be as the result should and will be on the attacking country.

Of course there is a moron on IC that write blogs after blog, advocating such attack and believe Iran should take an aggression by a racist and criminal regime on the chin. But he fails to see that IRI is just as vicious and criminal as those in Tel Aviv and will respond to any barbaric attack by a similar if not more barbaric way.