Germany offers asylum to 50 Iranian dissidents
24-Jul-2010 (5 comments)

BERLIN -- The German government says it is offering asylum to 50 Iranian dissidents who took part in the massive street protests that erupted after elections there last year.

A spokesman for Germany's Interior Ministry said 12 of the 50 Iranians have already arrived in Germany and one more is expected in the coming week.

He said the others are mostly in Turkey waiting for Germany to finish examining their cases.

The Interior Ministry spokesman spoke on a customary condition of anonymity required by many German officials.

Germany had originally planned to take in up to 20 Iranians but raised the number to 50 after a group of Iranians already living in exile in Germany and the rights group Reporters Without Borders complained it wasn't doing enough.

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To some in

by on

Iran, living abroad has become a fashion. Those who can afford it are migrating en mass and those who can't but do not want to be behind the latest fashion find many ways to do so.

This has precedence in Iranian history, In the 80's many who wanted to migrate and get themselves rid of military draft and economic hardship during the war realized that joining MKO would grant them an asylum visa in Europe or Canada and they did just that.

With the generous asylum visa packages with monthly stipend they would be stupid not to go for offers as such. This is something most of us here working abroad can only get by daily hard work in fact for some very hard work.

These days one only has to be a gay, a woman, a Christian, Bahai, Jew, MKO, anti IRI actor/actress or film director, journalists or in general anyone with anti IRI image that can fill the media environment with anti IRI propaganda to be welcomed in the West. In fact, the hope is that by granting such privileges, the anti IRI volume gets louder inside Iran to finally justify a possible military attack.

I challenge everyone to find those Iranians who migrated to West using the asylum visas. You will be surprised how many have returned for visits or even remigrated back which contrary to the very reason asylum visas are granted. That only proves the case for most of these people.

The West or in general Iran's enemies do not spend a cent without getting $100.00 back. This is a living fact! one such phenomena is satellite TV programs. Has anyone ever wondered why when the very satellite companies in the US that fine anyone grossly if they find out their services are being stolen by any individual cater free programing to Iran? People in Iran enjoy an unlimited satellite programs summing up to a few hundred channels beamed from the Western countries for "Free"! Isn't that special?

The fact is that winning Iran (making it a Western/Zionist satellite nation such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt or like the ex-shah's time Iran)as the most precious entity in the Middle East is worth a million times the money spent on Iranian asylum seekers, free satellite channels, paid advertisements, financing anti IRI entities, funds to promote anti IRI artists and even rewarding Iranian movies with anti IRI content to the verge of winning Oscar

In the West, the "volume control" is in the hands of a few with ulterior motives. The cries of "democracy", "human rights", "economic parity" . "Women rights" and so on are only heard when these motives are handsomely rewarded otherwise, as far as the West is concerned, a million Iranian lives is worth no more than a dime. You don't believe me look at crimes against humanity committed against millions by the Zio-fascists and Western countries before your eyes in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan all for "self interest". There are f course voices against these crimes within the western countries but what is the result? The status quo always prevails!

In the meantime, let those blinded be mesmerized by a few propaganda filled acts of humanity such as "free asylum visas".



Mehdi Kahlor asks his daughter to sponsor him lol Lol LOL

by i_support_khamenie on

Ok, so Narges Kahlor was probably granted asylum papers and we will hear about it in a few days.

So now her fat ass dad wants to get sponsored to come to Germany because according to him he has more valuable information about the iranian nuclear program than Shahram Amiri.

Mr Kahlor is ready to reveal that the Iranian government asks its scientists to spend the morning hours praying to Mahdi to show up so that he can help them finish the nuclear energy project.


Thanks to Germany, and shame on Khalifa Khamenei

by fooladi on

for creating a situation when a peaceful demosntartion would result in exile if lucky and rape and murder if unlucky

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Wow

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If you imply  people demonstrate to get assylem it is a real cheap shot. Not every person thinkgs as you do. 



by nojanthegreat on

so this is why people go to street for riot ?