Bolivian President to Visit Iran Soon
20-Jul-2010 (one comment)

TEHRAN (FNA)- Bolivian President Evo Morales is due to visit Tehran in mid summer to meet with Iranian officials and discuss ways to expand bilateral relations between the two countries.

Bolivian ambassador to Tehran Jorge Miranda made the remarks on Saturday.

Bolivia's ambassador also stressed that his country utterly supported Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

Miranda said that both the Bolivian nation and government supported the idea of peaceful settlement of the issue of Iran's nuclear program through diplomatic ways and dialogue.

Referring to newly-established ties between the two countries which goes back only to a few years ago, he said Iran and Bolivia were exchanging views on ways of expanding cooperation among Iranian and Bolivian companies.

He further noted that the two governments were holding sessions and seminars to elaborate on the issue.

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IRI buying "friends" to pay for its crimes

by IranFirst on

As if its is not enough that IRI is spending hundreds of millions
dollars of Iranian people's money every year to terrorists in Lebanon,
Hamas, Iraq, Afghanistan,..., now because  of their own self-inflicted
sanctions, they are on a shopping spree to buy "friends", to help them
with the  deep isolation at UN and amongst civilized world. These new
"friends" are from very poor and backwards countries in Africa such as
Zimbabwe, or south America (such as this guy), why is IRI building free
apartments for people in Venezuela and hospitals in Columbia. Why is IRI
paying for peoples'  new houses and weddings in Lebanon? All this for
IRI , a third world country that is on the "Alert list of the failed

All of these "free money" form IRI which tortures union leaders for
asking for over-due wages or few more dollars for the workers.