Russia Seeks Explanation From Iran On Nuclear Program
Ria Novosti
16-Jul-2010 (2 comments)

Moscow, Russian Federation (AHN) - Just a day after Moscow agreed to expand cooperation with Iran on energy ties despite U.N. sanctions, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that it was seeking "appropriate" explanations from the Islamic nation on its ambitious nuclear program. He also called Tehran to fully cooperate with international community in this regard.

Speaking a joint press conference with visiting German chancellor Angela Merkel in the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg, he said that Moscow wants relevant explanations on this matter.

Despite Russia’s historically proven trade relations with Iran, Medvedev said that his government could not be indifferent to how Iran was developing its n-program and how its military components look like. He further said that Russia had evidences from different channels that prove that Iran was continuing developing its nuclear technology.

"Iran should have enough courage to begin full-fledged cooperation with the international community, even if it does not like some questions that are being asked," said Medvedev.

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Abarmard jaan: it is time to tell Russians to take the s-300 and

by Bavafa on

put it where sun doesn't shine.

 There is no sign or indication that they have any intentions of selling those s-300 at least till they become completely obsolete.



Russia's new plan

by Abarmard on

It appears that Russia plans to "support" Iran in continuing policies that might isolate Iran. For that Russia currently agreed to sell "all energy needs" to Iran and S-300 (not off the table yet)!

This way when Iran is in trouble, Russia will back down and ask for more money, as it has before. Tricky and untrustworthy politics.

Note that they are also saying what West wants to hear.