Iran Nuke Defector Left Behind $5 Million In CIA Cash
15-Jul-2010 (3 comments)

The Iranian nuclear scientist who returned to Tehran today left behind some $5 million he was promised by the CIA as part of "benefits package" offered by the CIA's National Resettlement Operations Center, US officials tell ABC News.
"Anything he got is now beyond his reach, thanks to the sanctions against Iran," one US official said. "We've got his information and the Iranians have him."
When Amiri defected, the CIA offered him $5 million for information about the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Typically, the CIA places these kinds of funds in escrow so that an informant is only paid bit by bit, at the agency's discretion. Keeping the money in escrow prevents an asset from grabbing the money all at once.
It is unknown how much money Amiri was able to collect prior to his return to Iran, but the bulk of the cash remains in US hands. "He's gone," said the US official, "but the money's still here."

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He Deposited $5mil In Bank of America

by HHH on

With the intention to go back and spend it after fooling IRI with their favorite spy stories.



by yolanda on

Thank you for the article......I have a feeling there are other Amiri's in Iran that they secretly provide info for CIA.....

It looks like the gloves are off.......the article seems to suggest that the guy is a bad hubby and an undecisive defector!


Holy mother of all screwed up spy stories

by acopier101 on

This is more precious than any movie made by Hollywood.