Understanding the Nuclear Scientist/Abduction Case
14-Jul-2010 (3 comments)

As we predicted in our first entry in our updates today, the international media are seeing “Iran” via the case of Shahram Amiri, the scientist who had come to the US — willingly or unwillingly — and is now back in Tehran.

My gratitude to the EA correspondent who found a cartoon that matches some information from my sources: Amiri had defected, had little or no valuable information, was depressed over his family back in Iran, and wanted to return.

In more effective words, the cartoon Amiri to the cartoon US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (from Khodnevis): ”I am your servant. I have a wife and children….Please be a lady and say you abducted me and wanted to bring disaster upon me.”

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MM and Yolanda I agree

by IranFirst on

I feel sorry for this guy and what IRI may do him after they are done with the the usual peopaganda and interviews. IRI thugs may even kill him and then blame US for it. I hope what happened to Saddam's son-in-laws does not happen to him.


IF- very funny cartoon

by MM on

once out of here, it will be the last time we see/hear of this poor soul.



by yolanda on

Thank you for the interesting article & cartoon......Wow! Apparently the guy knows what IRI wants to hear......I doubt that IRI believes his story!