BP Tells Europe Operations Not To Refuel Iran Airlines-Sources
Wall Street Journal / Benoit Faucon
05-Jul-2010 (5 comments)

LONDON (Dow Jones)--BP PLC (BP) has instructed its European operations not to refuel Iranian airlines after U.S. President Barack Obama signed on sanctions targeting Iran gasoline supplies.
The news come after Iranian media said airports in the U.K., Germany and the United Arab Emirates had refused to offer fuel to Iranian passenger jets after the sanctions.
U.K. oil giant BP, which is facing U.S. pressure over a huge Gulf of Mexico oil spill, sent faxes to its refueling operations in some European countries--including those owned with partners--around Friday, people familiar with the faxed document said.
The document ordered a ban on refueling for several Iranian airlines, including Iran Air, the people said. "It's due to a decision from the U.S. Congress," one person said.
A BP spokeswoman said "we will comply with any international sanctions that are imposed" on Iran.
She said this applied to U.S. sanctions on gasoline and included operations where it has joint partners, but declined to comment further.
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The skies are safer now

by cyclicforward on

It is a real help to Iranian people. They don't have to fly these flying coffins any more now.


never mind

by Fatollah on


pastor bill rennick

Mullahs utility date has been long expired!

by pastor bill rennick on

All mullahs, their relatives, supporters, 1st tier nochehs, 2nd tier nochehs, ..., and nth tier nochehs (i.e., some of the frequent visitors of the IC site) must go! Where, Gaza and the West bank! Let's see if the Palestinians welcome them there! Hopefully the Israelis can take care of them there!


full circle...

by shushtari on

the same fools who installed the mullahs are now trying to remove them......

I guess they created a monster 



by Fatollah on

BP should clean up it's mess first !!!